From first breath to our final moments, life is a journey and a collaborative adventure filled with countless good times and bad. Along the journey people need each other in countless ways to achieve a balanced, fulfilled and successful life. 

Viral Typhoon Corp, the parent company of PACOTO, is a social enterprise that creates and produces virtual events and products that benefit artists, entertainers, entrepreneurs, schools, social causes and nonprofit organizations. These events are the initial steps in building a membership base on the PACOTO platform. 

The mission of PACOTO, a collaboration catalyst, is to connect people with products and services that help them navigate the many phases of life with confidence. PACOTO does this by creating tech based intersections for people where their journeys naturally coincide; one person's need is often another’s passion. Creating mutually beneficial relationships and building those relationships is a recipe for success!

PACOTO is the collaboration engine that facilitates collaborative virtual events created by Viral Typhoon Corp. 

More to come...

PACOTO: [ pa-kō-tō ]
1. noun: collaboration catalyst
2. verb: to confidently manage or navigate
3. verb: to plan